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Neurodevelopmental Disorders Priority Setting Partnership
Creators: Ontario Brain Institute
Contact: Brain-CODE,
Licenses: Refer to Brain-CODE Governance Policy
Version: 1.0
Formats: CSV
Size: 447.0 KB
No of Files: 1
No of Subjects: 1264
Metadata file: DATS.json
Acknowledges: Ontario Brain Institute, Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Government of Ontario
Spatial Coverage: Canada
Other Dates: Start Date: 2016-02-01 -- End Date: 2017-02-01
Surveys responses from individuals in the NDD community identifying treatments/interventions that should be prioritized for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Dataset README information

Neurodevelopmental Disorders Priority Setting Partnership


A Priority Setting Partnership for neurodevelopmental disorders was started between the Ontario Brain Institute, associated members of the Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Disorders (POND) Network, and the James Lind Alliance.
This collaboration engaged the neurodevelopmental disorder community to identify questions that they think are the most important for researchers to address.
The data includes 1264 original questions submitted through a survey, 63 unanswered research questions generated from the original questions, and some de-identified respondent demographic data (i.e. type of respondent, associated diagnosis, and age range).

This project was funded by the Ontario Brain Institute.


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Download Using DataLad

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The following instructions require a basic understanding of UNIX/LINUX command lines. Future portal functionality may include downloads directly from the web browser. Dataset download is currently enabled through DataLad.

Note: The conp-dataset requires version >=0.12.5 of DataLad and version >=8.20200309 of git-annex.

To install DataLad on your system, please refer to the install section of the DataLad Handbook (installation via miniconda is recommended in order to obtain the latest version of DataLad).

1) Initiate the CONP dataset

To initiate the CONP dataset (conp-dataset), run the following command in the directory where you want CONP datasets to be installed:

datalad install

2) Install the braincode_NDD_Priority_Setting_Partnership dataset

To install the dataset, go into the created conp-dataset directory and run datalad install on the dataset braincode_NDD_Priority_Setting_Partnership:

cd conp-dataset
datalad install projects/braincode_NDD_Priority_Setting_Partnership

3) Download the braincode_NDD_Priority_Setting_Partnership dataset

Now that the DataLad dataset has been installed, go into the dataset directory under projects/braincode_NDD_Priority_Setting_Partnership.

cd projects/braincode_NDD_Priority_Setting_Partnership

Note that files visible in the dataset are symlinks and will need to be downloaded manually using the datalad get command in the dataset directory:

datalad get <filepath>

Note, if you run datalad get * command, all the files present in the dataset directory will be downloaded.

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